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Are you looking for the best warehouse cleaning services in the West Michigan area? Look no further than Hi-Tec Building Services; click here for more!

Are you located in the West Michigan area and looking for an excellent cleaning service? Here at Hi-Tec Building Services, we can give you everything you need!

Keep Your Warehouse Clean With Hi-Tec

We understand the unique nature of the work taking place in your warehouse and the importance of keeping all walking and travel paths cleaned and cleared of all debris on a consistent and reliable basis. Having the right equipment and employees that execute exceptional performance, is the key to our success.

At Hi-Tec Business Services, we are ready to work with you based on your specific needs for your factory and warehouse needs! Every warehouse runs differently, and at Hi-Tec, you will experience a company that adapts to your needs and works in partnership with you as an extension of your successful operating system.

What Hi-Tec Does For You

After many years of cleaning different spaces, we know the difference between cleaning a commercial or medical building vs cleaning a factory setting or warehouse. Common cleaning concerns are outlined and evaluated prior to being quoted so that the most important items are addressed effectively. We work with you to develop a “scope of services” outlining the work and a layout of how we plan to execute our cleaning program. We provide management support to all of our accounts to assure quality and optimal performance are attained. 

We adhere to strict OSHA standards and safety guidelines with extensive training programs and keeping the “Safety First” motto at the forefront of all services we provide. Our dedicated team of professional cleaners adapt to challenges and have management support readily available to them at all times to tackle any unforeseen issues that may arise. Communication is key to achieving our goal of your complete satisfaction.

We can provide cleaners certified to operate lifts, to access those hard-to-reach areas that a regular ladder can’t get to.

The Warehouse Office

We understand that office spaces in warehouses frequently get dirtier due to tracking of factory material; shavings, grease, dust, and debris. To keep the office spaces looking good requires extra care and attention, so we offer additional options for special service floor care to combat the upkeep in these areas.

These special service projects can range from deep cleaning carpet shampoo and extraction, scrubbing and recoating vinyl flooring, or completing a full strip and wax of area the are in need of complete resurfacing. 

Outside The Workspace

Along with the above, we offer services such as day porters who can come in and clean and maintain frequently used areas like break rooms, restrooms, and locker rooms. We can work flexible hours and can even do weekend shifts during peak seasons.

We won’t forget about outside either! We have a great team of cleaners who can come in and take care of cleaning the parking lot.


With the outbreak of Coronavirus, we know the importance of keeping workspaces clean and disinfected. We are able to offer electrostatic spraying systems for any high traffic or frequent touchpoint areas that you deem necessary to control the spread of viruses year-round. At Hi-Tec, we follow all CDC recommended guidelines for proper safety measures for our workers. This includes; social distancing at least 6 feet apart, providing and mandating wearing all personal protective equipment such as gloves, eyewear, and masks. All employees are health screened upon clock in.


Download a PDF with example levels of services we provide.


Let us create a custom cleaning plan for you.

Other Services

Along with the above, we also offer a range of other services including:

  • Floorcare services
  • Cleaning, waxing, stripping, and buffing
  • Lighting cleaning and maintenance
  • Health-oriented cleaning
  • Window (both interior and exterior) cleaning and blind cleaning
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Snow removal services
  • Fire and flood cleanup
  • Preventative maintenance

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How it works

1. Contact Us

You can contact us either by phone, email, fax, or by filling out our contact form and a representative will reach out to you. When we connect, we will discuss your needs and expectations and begin designing a program that works for you.

2. Get A Quote

The best way to get the most accurate pricing is to provide a walk-through of your facility, obtaining the total square footage, understanding the layout of the facility, and creating the scope of work you desire. Your sales representative will gather the details and provide a written outline of coverage, staffing, and a no-obligation cost estimate for your review.  

3. We Get To Work

Once we have worked out an agreeable contract of services, you select the start date and we begin our successful transition program. You will meet with all involved management, and staff members placed in your facility. Training begins with online testing, hands-on training, and a management overview. Communication steps into overdrive especially in the first 60 days to ensure we exceed your expectations.

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