We are a full service building maintenance and custodial services company dedicated to reducing your long-term facilities cost while providing a clean, aesthetically-pleasing environment that will service your clients and staff, every day.

Our goal is to continuously seek new and innovative ways to increase benefits and reduce costs for our clients, while providing a safe and healthy environment.

We are industry leaders in quality and customer service. We promote continued success by providing clients with valued services delivered with integrity.

At Hi-Tec we take an in-depth look at market trends for hiring general labor for the geographic location specific to your facility. We investigate current job listings, local unemployment rates and industry growth trends. The information collected gives us a target hourly rate to base each bid off of, as well as market trends to keep our program successful into the 3rd contract year and beyond.

Our goal is to continuously seek new and innovative ways to increase benefits and reduce costs for our clients.


Our goal is to continuously seek new and innovative ways to increase benefits and reduce costs for our clients. Hi-Tec Building Services will deliver the highest level of customer service. When unforeseen situations occur we will not give you excuses; we will give you quick, effective response and resolution. We protect the reputation we have achieved through the years and will not tolerate mediocrity. We continue to challenge our Management Staff to exceed our customer’s expectations and find cost saving opportunities that will benefit the customer.

Hi-Tec Building Services will accomplish this by providing value to our clients through quality services delivered with integrity, operating in a safe and environmentally sound manner, and continuously seeking new and innovative ways to reduce costs for our clients benefit.

Brian Hogan

Holly Andrews
General Business Manager

Kelly Shrauger
Director of Sales

Misty Yohannan
Senior Sales Manager

Gabrielle Norkus
Sales & Marketing Manager

Brooke Carlson
Accounting & Billing Specialist

Samantha Gill
HR Recruiter

Tonya Shinn
Administration Manager 

Jonas Smith
HR Recruiter

Abby Zomerlei
Purchasing & Social Media Specialist

Paul Ray
Director of Operations

Steve Bailey
Senior Operations Manager

Danielle Bard 
Senior Operations Manager

Josh Cross
Assistant Senior Operations Manager

Bill Jones 
Assistant Senior Operations Manager


 As an Equal Opportunity Employer we are committed to selecting the most qualified applicants to meet and exceed our customer’s needs. All Hi-Tec employees go through comprehensive screening, interviewing, and background check process.

All employees must Qualify or Pass our RTW Pre-Employment Screening Survey

  • All employees have a Michigan Criminal Background Check performed
  • All employees have a NSOR (National Sex Offender Registry) Background Check performed
  • All employees are processed through E-Verify
  • Employees are Fingerprinted and Drug Tested per Contract Requirements

General Training:

  • Hi-Tec Building Services Office Cleaning
  • Hi-Tec Building Services Restroom Cleaning
  • Hi-Tec Building Services GHS Hazcom
  • Hi-Tec Building Services Bloodbourne Pathogen Cleanup
  • ADA – Service Animal Training

Additional Training for Specialized Positions:

  • Hi-Tec Building Services Hard Floor Care
  • Hi-Tec Building Services Carpet Cleaning
  • Hi-Tec Building Services Classroom Cleaning
  • Seclusion & Restraint

All initial training for managers, building site supervisors and cleaning team members recurs semi-annually and documentation of all training programs are placed in the employee’s file.

Our company also is certified to assists in the following areas:

  • Asbestos Contractor/Supervisor
  • Aerial Lift Certified Trainer
  • Certified Pool – Spa Operator Handbook (National Swimming Pool Foundation)
  • MIOSHA & DLEG Safety Trained
  • Building Service Contractor (Spartan/Nichols Chemical Training School)
  • Gym Floor Refinishing Specialist (Betco)
  • Behavioral Analysis Trained (Corporate Training & Safety)
  • Certified in Facilities Management
  • Carpet Floor Care Specialist
  • VCT/Terrazzo Floor Care Specialist


Our client base is very diverse allowing us to service an assortment of businesses, big or small. Hi-Tec currently provides janitorial care to over 250 Municipalities, 70 State of Michigan facilities, 5 Federal facilities, 5 college and university campuses and 65 Educational facilities. Our expanded client portfolio also includes many commercial and medical facilities.

  • Hi-Tec has remained the No. 1 service provider for the Michigan Department of Transportation, cleaning over 40 of their facilities throughout the state.
  • Hi-Tec is one of the largest provider of janitorial services to Michigan public school districts.
  • Hi-Tec is the first privatized contractor for housekeeping and laundry services at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.


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The customer service, from my point of view, is wonderful.


The customer service, from my point of view, is wonderful.




Nichols is our preferred vendor for all products/chemicals and custodial equipment.