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Hi-Tec Building Services is here to provide you with the right manufacturing cleaning services you are looking for!

Keep Your Manufacturing Spaces Clean With Hi-Tec

Are you looking to hire a cleaning service that has the knowledge of the machines in your building?

Or are you looking for someone to take cleaning duties off your workers so they are able to focus more on their job?

Then Hi-Tec is here for you! 

What We Can Do for You

With years of experience, Hi-Tec knows the difference between cleaning a commercial building and cleaning a manufacturing space. 

We have the right team of dedicated employees that are able to clean different substances ranging from dirt, the build-up of grease, oil, metal shavings, and plastic shavings, properly. We know that the maintenance of the floor in these areas is incredibly important to prevent injuries from happening.

Hi-Tec Building Services understands that these types of buildings require more frequent cleanings because of the nature of the work, and to keep your employees working smoothly. This is why we have the ability to send out cleaners to you more often than on other projects.


Additional Services

We know that oftentimes at manufacturing plants, you have employees delegated to cleaning the floors at certain times, but we offer a service to take that off your employee’s hands so they can go back to the work they’re meant to be doing.

As well, we have employees who are lift certified which means that they can give you a deep clean higher than where a regular ladder would reach.

We offer a great service to provide day porters that will come in and clean your commonly used areas such as lunchrooms, bathrooms, and locker rooms, during the workday. We also pride ourselves on being flexible with adding hours and even working during the weekend, in peak seasons.


Download a PDF with example levels of services we provide.


Let us create a custom cleaning plan for you.

Other Services

Along with the above, we also offer a range of other services including:

  • Floorcare services
  • Cleaning, waxing, stripping, and buffing
  • Lighting cleaning and maintenance
  • Health-oriented cleaning
  • Window (both interior and exterior) cleaning and blind cleaning
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Snow removal services
  • Fire and flood cleanup
  • Preventative maintenance

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The best part about working with Hi-Tec is the ease of communication. I can reach out to my Sales Rep, Account Manager, or Operations Manager if I have a question or concern and I always receive a response/resolution in a timely manner.

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How it works

1. Contact Us

You can contact us either by phone, email, fax, or by filling out our contact form and a representative will reach out to you. When we connect, we will discuss your needs and expectations and begin designing a program that works for you.

2. Get A Quote

The best way to get the most accurate pricing is to provide a walk-through of your facility, obtaining the total square footage, understanding the layout of the facility, and creating the scope of work you desire. Your sales representative will gather the details and provide a written outline of coverage, staffing, and a no-obligation cost estimate for your review.  

3. We Get To Work

Once we have worked out an agreeable contract of services, you select the start date and we begin our successful transition program. You will meet with all involved management, and staff members placed in your facility. Training begins with online testing, hands-on training, and a management overview. Communication steps into overdrive especially in the first 60 days to ensure we exceed your expectations.

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