Germs in an elementary school are inevitable.  High touch-point surfaces and restrooms are a few areas that might come to mind when you think about where bacteria and viruses are commonly found. You might be surprised to find that restrooms are actually one of the cleaner places in a school, because they are typically disinfected daily. Here are a few areas that are hot spots for germs, bacteria and viruses:

  1. Cafeteria Trays – Food trays are often used for several lunches, but are rarely cleaned between each use. They are handled by a high volume of students each day, exposing the tray surface to a variety of harmful germs.
  2. Art Supplies РPaint brushes, markers, crayons and scissors are used daily by students, but are rarely disinfected. Considering the flu virus can live on a hard surface for up to 24 hours, these materials can easily pass germs from student to student.
  3. Backpacks – From the bus floor, to the classroom floor and sometimes the locker room. Backpacks are a hot spot for bacteria, picking up germs everywhere your child takes it. They are rarely washed and get brought back into your home each day after school.
  4. Keyboards/Tablets – Many schools today use technology as a learning tool in the classroom. Tablets, keyboards and computer mice are passed from student to student, but are not included in a daily cleaning program.
  5. Drinking Fountains – One of the germiest places found in a school is the spout of a drinking fountain. It’s common for kids to touch their mouth to the spout – directly picking up any germs left from the child that went before them.

Did some of these areas come as a surprise to you? Contact us today for tips and instructions on how to properly disinfect any hard surface.