Do you have plans to go out shopping this Black Friday? Deals aren’t the only thing you need to watch for! The malls and shopping centers are filled with customers who bring along germs, bacteria, and viruses. Here are a few tips to help you avoid germs this Black Friday:

  1. Use Hand Sanitizer: High touch-point surfaces in malls such as credit card machines, escalator handrails and discount bins are covered with harmful germs. Frequently use hand sanitizer to help kill any germs you have picked up throughout your shopping day.
  2. Avoid Touching Your Face: Without even realizing it, on average we touch our face 2-5 times per minute. Touching your eyes, nose or mouth gives bacteria direct access into your body.
  3. Carry Disinfecting Wipes: Those long shopping days will make you hungry! With that being said, food court tables are used often but rarely cleaned between uses. Carry a travel pack of disinfecting wipes with you to clean the table your eating at and the carts you are pushing.

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