Tim M. Murch, CBSE, 4M CEO and managing partner, strategically announced the purchase of Hi-Tec, a full-service building maintenance and custodial services company headquartered in Jenison, Michigan. This acquisition significantly expands 4 M’s reach and customer base, bringing 575 Team Members and a diverse portfolio that includes 175 municipalities, 70 State of Michigan facilities, and 30 educational institutions.

“4M is firmly in growth mode, but for us, the success of acquisitions lies in the quality and alignment of each partnership,” said Murch. “We like to be considered the acquirer of choice, and we enjoy the opportunities to work with businesses like Hi-Tec Building Services that share our commitment to fostering a strong culture, prioritizing customer satisfaction, and excelling in our industry. We particularly admire Hi-Tec’s strong focus on safety, which perfectly mirrors our value of Safety Excellence.”

Hi-Tec, formerly Bob’s Janitorial, was purchased and renamed by Brian Hogan in 1990. Hogan maintains company ownership, but the day-to-day management has been the responsibility of  Holly Andrews, CEO, since 2019. With the purchase, Hogan will transition to an owner/investor role at 4 M, stepping away from daily management. His daughter, Brooke Hogan-Carlson, Hi-Tec’s present Accounting and Sales Manager, and Andrews will also become owners and investors at 4 M, assuming operational roles as Director of Special Services and Regional VP, respectively.

“I am ecstatic and nostalgic at the same time,” said Hogan. “Ecstatic for all Hi-Tec employees to join a 4M team that is beyond unbelievable and where great things will happen for each of them.  I am nostalgic because I’m thinking about every incredible employee who has been so dedicated and loyal to their colleagues, customers, me, and this company.  4M is getting a team with great chemistry and a do-whatever-it-takes attitude.  This next step for our company can’t happen without recognizing Holly Andrews, who created this amazing Hi-Tec family!  And a big thank you to that Hi-Tec Family for everything they have done for my family.

Andrews has been with Hi-Tec for 17 years, starting as an account manager and quickly working her way up through company operations. She eventually became the Senior Operations Director before assuming the CEO role.

“When Brian established Hi-Tec Building Services, he set the standards, values, and service specs that remain in our DNA,” said Andrews. “I’m immensely proud of what we’ve accomplished. With 4M as our partner, I’m confident we can maintain this upward momentum, providing greater opportunities for our Team Members and delivering exceptional service to our valued customers. We’re committed to driving sustained growth in our home state of Michigan and extending our success beyond its borders.”

The Hi-Tec acquisition is 4M’s third this year and represents its 27th state of operations. On May 1, 4M announced an acquisition of SG360, a Kansas City-headquartered company with a strong regional presence in the Midwest and Southeast. In March, it purchased Connecticut-based Horizon Services. Hi-Tec is the sixth acquisition since 4M secured a January 2023 growth investment from O2 Investment Partners, a Michigan-based private equity firm.

Hi-Tec is wholly owned and operated by 4M Building Solutions. Still, it will continue its Michigan operations as Hi-Tec Building Services, A 4M Building Solutions Company, a branding strategy supporting the company’s deep roots and reputation across the state.