Full service building maintenance and custodial services

We are a full service building maintenance and custodial services company dedicated to reducing your long-term facilities cost while providing a clean, aesthetically-pleasing environment that will service your clients and staff, every day.

Our goal is to continuously seek new and innovative ways to increase benefits and reduce costs for our clients, while providing a safe and healthy environment.


We provide all-inclusive, customized custodial care to accommodate your needs, no matter how specialized. With our wide range of experience, we provide you with detailed quality service while focusing on cost containment.


Hi-Tec Building Services is a preferred vendor for the state of MI. We have 800+ employees cleaning over 19 million square feet per day. Our commercial cleaning services provide the ability to customize programs that meet the needs of your facility through our comprehensive design plan.


With years of experience, Hi-Tec knows the difference between cleaning a commercial building and cleaning a manufacturing space. We have the right team of dedicated employees that are able to clean different substances ranging from dirt, the build-up of grease, oil, metal shavings, and plastic shavings, properly.


We understand how important post-construction cleaning is so that the building is ready for the occupants to arrive. This is why we take our time while doing these projects and pay attention to even the smallest of details.

Highly Rated Professional Cleaning Services in Michigan