Way to Go Linda Melton!

by Hi-Tec Building Services

The Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency celebrated their 2nd Anniversary on March 20, 2015 by recognizing state and contract employees working at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. Recognition was given for service and dedication to the home and its residents. Among the five people honored at the ceremony was Hi-Tec’s Team Leader Linda Melton. Linda was recognized for her compassion and dedication throughout her 19 years of service at GRHV. Linda received two awards from the MVAA, a white coin given to her by the MVAA Director on behalf of the Governor for her exemplary services to the home and a gold coin presented to her by Adjutant General Vonais. Both acknowledged that Linda, among others, have a thankless job at GRHV, helping to make the home beautiful on the inside and out. Thanks to Linda and others like her at GRHV infection rates have been lowered and kept under control. Thank You Linda Melton for a job well done!


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