Our client base is very diverse allowing us to service an assortment of businesses, big or small. Hi-Tec currently provides janitorial care to over 250 Municipalities, 70 State of Michigan facilities, 5 Federal facilities, 5 college and university campuses and 65 Educational facilities. Our expanded client portfolio also includes many commercial and medical facilities.

  • Hi Tec has remained the No. 1 service provider for the Michigan Department of Transportation, cleaning over 40 of their facilities throughout the state.
  • Hi-Tec is one of the largest provider of janitorial services to Michigan public school districts.
  • Hi-Tec is the first privatized contractor for housekeeping and laundry services at the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

Jenison Hub: 1,133,371 square feet cleaned!

Portage Hub: 1,439,429 square feet cleaned!

Lansing Hub: 4,521,947 square feet cleaned!

Northern Hub: 832,361 square feet cleaned!

Western UP Hub: 419,851 square feet cleaned!

Eastern UP Hub: 193,166 square feet cleaned!